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Tana Mongeau releases ‘Without You’—is it about Jake Paul?

The YouTube star switches up her sound.


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YouTuber Tana Mongeau gifted her fans more #content last night in the form of a new song titled “Without You.”

The internet star’s latest single is a reflective, mid-tempo ballad in which she seems to take stock of a failed relationship. “I’ll admit I feel alone at times / I’ve been there and I’ve crossed the line / I pray I can breathe again over time / Without you,” she sings in the song’s first verse.

Mongeau shared the song on Twitter with her 2.2 million followers early Wednesday morning. “YOU CAN OFFICIALLY STREAM WITHOUT YOU ON ALL PLATFORMS!!! please listen!!! i genuinely feel this song is unlike anything I’ve ever released. thank u for allowing me to make art outta my feelings,” she wrote.

Indeed, “Without Me” is a considerable stylistic departure from the handful of singles Mongeau has released over the past three years. Her most-streamed single, “Hefner,” is a standard trap flex on which the YouTuber raps, “You used to dropping panties, now you drownin’ in them Xannies / Got my name all in your mouth, yeah your tweet just gave me clout.” Her discography also includes the turn-up anthem “W” and feel-good party pop number “Fuck Up.”

It’s possible that “Without You” is about Mongeau’s ex, Jake Paul. The two stars were engaged last June and “married” in July, though Mongeau later admitted the marriage was fake. Yet despite faking a marriage for clout, Mongeau said she loved Paul and was “miserable” in their arrangement.

“It definitely puts a lot of strain on a relationship to have to make 1,000 business decisions together, every single day,” she said. “I know this is definitely not what normal, newly married couples are having to debate over 24/7.”


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