Tales From the Darkside title sequence

Photo via Tales From the Darkside / CBS

Our long national nightmare is over. Or… just beginning.

The success of Netflix‘s Stranger Things brought with it many nostalgic reference points, including the ’80s horror anthology series Tales From the Darkside. Stray episodes and clips of the George Romero-created series can be found on YouTube, but there hasn’t been a solid option for streaming yet. 

Horror subscription site Shudder, which is backed by AMC, recently acquired the rights to the series. So now our long national nightmare is over. Or… just beginning. 

Shudder, a wonderland of obscure and new horror titles, will start streaming the complete series on Oct. 1. Tales From the Darkside lasted four seasons and stretched between campy horror and dark comedy, featuring cameos from Christian Slater, Jerry Stiller, Phyllis Diller, and Debbie Harry. Slater and Harry (and Steve Buscemi!) also show up in the 1990 film Tales From the Darkside: The Movie

And if you think the Stranger Things theme is affecting, revisit this one. 

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