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That ‘Stranger Things’–’Parks and Recreation’ reunion finally happened, and it was adorable

‘You just missed the craziest of crazies.’


Michelle Jaworski


The internet’s new favorite father-son duo finally had the family reunion they deserve.

After fans finished binge-watching Stranger Things, they traded plenty of theories. But one of the more persistent pieces of parental guesswork was even more convincing than R+L=JS+N=J-R. Stranger Things’ Steven Harrington (Joe Keery) looked so much like Parks and Recreation’s Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) that it couldn’t just be a coincidence. Steven and Nancy had Jean-Ralphio and they were raised by Steve’s brother Dr. Saperstein along with his daughter Mona Lisa and changed Jean-Ralphio’s name to protect him.

For a theory based almost completely on looks, it had ample evidence. Sure, they might take place in two completely different eras, in different universes and on different networks (and one of them has already ended), but there’s a lot to look at. They both take place in Indiana, Steve and Jean-Ralphio don’t just look alike, they act similarly, and it’s certainly possible that Pawnee is another alternate universe a la the Upside Down. It even has some support from Schwartz himself.

The Harrington’s family portrait

With its internet-breaking potential at an all-time high, Schwartz and Keely finally met and shared some lovable, if odd father-son moments. 

Now we have just one question: Where was Nancy in all of this?

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