Steve Carell trolls fans with fake ‘Office’ reboot news


If there’s one thing Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin loves, it’s a good prank.

Actor Steve Carell—who played the beloved character on The Office—was truly in character when he tweeted Wednesday afternoon that the hit television show was returning to NBC.

Carell’s tweet followed directly after NBC confirmed that Will & Grace would return for 10 episodes, more than 10 years after its season finale.

Fans online rejoiced, albeit with some skepticism. His initial tweet was retweeted more than 62,000 times and favorited almost 83,000 times at press time.

Just five minutes after his initial tweet, Carell followed up saying “Wait, sorry. I meant ‘Will & Grace (typo).”

Needless to say, fans were not amused.

While fans didn’t get the reboot they were hoping for, Carell did give them one last taste of Scott’s antics. 

Tess Cagle

Tess Cagle

Tess Cagle is a reporter who focuses on politics, lifestyle, and streaming entertainment. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Texas Monthly, the Austin American-Statesman, Damn Joan, and Community Impact Newspaper. She’s also a portrait, events, and live music photographer in Central Texas.