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Stephen Colbert parodies InfoWars’ Alex Jones and with new right-wing persona

He has another right-wing personality under his belt.


Michelle Jaworski


Lawyers for InfoWars host Alex Jones are saying that he’s a performance artist in light of a custody battle.  giving former performance artist Stephen Colbert, a former performance artist in his own right, didn’t take kindly to the legal argument—and used the opportunity to embody a different kind of right-wing commentator.

Colbert pointed out some of the arguments working against Jones on his show last night, such as Donald Trump praising and trusting him, his own words, and the real-life ramifications of his “performance art.” Then he debuted his other other right-wing persona, who’s an even more outlandish Jones.

Tuck Buckford is a “skeleton wrapped in angry meat” who thinks that liberals are tattooing babies with Obama logos and believes that Andy Warhol placed chemicals in Campbell’s soup to create bisexual veteran zombies. He’s loud and obnoxious and can barely keep a straight face.

Give him a show, CBS.

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