You’ve been storing fruit wrong this whole time

If you spend an arm and a leg on expensive organic fruit only to have it go bad before you can enjoy, the Sklar Brothers want you to know you’re just doing it wrong.

Their new series, You’re Doing It Wrong, courtesy of PBS Digital Studios, uses science, history, and backstory to show why and how people are doing everyday activities completely incorrectly. In their first episode they tackle fruit storage.

They cite the invention of the fridge as the moment when we began storing fruit wrong. For example, tomatoes should be left out, not put in a fridge. Basil will also wilt quickly in the fridge, when it should be kept out in a cup of water like flowers. They list off other vegetables and fruits that shouldn’t be stored in the fridge, and then changes for how to store food that needs to be refrigerated so it keeps better.

Thanks to the Sklars, you no longer have any reason to throw out veggies gone bad.

Screengrab via You’re Doing It Wrong/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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