Watch this new serialized thriller on Instagram, 15 seconds at a time

If it’s hard for you to sit through an entire feature-length film, then Instagram may have the solution. With the launch of the serialized crime thriller, Shield 5, Instagram may change the way movies are distributed—15 seconds at a time.

Directed by Anthony Wilcox (Hello Carter), Shield 5 will tell the story of John Swift, a security driver in trouble for his apparent involvement in a diamond heist and a colleague’s death, according to a press release from Lorton Entertainment. The scripted series will air over a 28-day period throughout February in 15-second doses (the maximum length for video on Instagram).

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Shield 5, co-created and written by Adam Dewar and Wilcox, is the latest in social platforms exploring new ways of creating and distributing original content.

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In January 2015, Snapchat launched its Discover feature, allowing magazines and media companies to air stories through the popular social platform. Shortform films on Vine were granted a heavy sense of validation in 2013 when the Tribeca Film Festival opened a category for the video app.

Although it’s too soon to tell whether Shield 5 will be a success—the Instagram channel still only has about 6,700 followers—watching a thriller 15 seconds at a time will certainly leave viewers asking questions every day.

Representatives from Instagram were not immediately available to respond to request for comment from the Daily Dot. 

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