Let Cookie Monster demonstrate how to unbox a pizza

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Abandon your search for footage of people unpacking the new Apple Watch, because we’ve found the only unboxing video you will ever need.

Once again, the minds behind Sesame Street have proven that they are the masters of translating pop-culture touchstones into children’s programming. Having already taken on House of Cards, these geniuses set their sights on a YouTube classic: unboxing videos.

Cookie Monster’s take on the popular packaging-removal genre isn’t just entertaining, it’s also instructional. Get a refresher on shapes from the furry blue guy as he breaks down how a round pizza made out of triangular pieces fits inside a square box. 

Does Cookie Monster’s unboxing video mean we can expect more spoofs on popular YouTube genres? If the good folks over at Sesame Street are listening, we’d love to see a purse-haul video from Grover or a beauty tutorial from Oscar the Grouch.

Screengrab via The Watercooler/YouTube

Greg Seals

Greg Seals

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