Sarah Hyland


‘Modern Family’ star Sarah Hyland goes to war with CVS

She called out CVS for its inability to get medication to sick customers in a timely fashion.


Tess Cagle


Oh, celebrities. They’re just like us. They eat, shower, and sleep just like any regular person. And just like the rest of us, sometimes they become victims of medication prescription errors.

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland is no exception to the rule. After her local CVS closed an hour early and stopped her from picking up her kidney transplant medication, she went off on the pharmacy on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Hey @CVSPharmacy when you tell a kidney transplant recipient that her medication will be ready before you close and that you will notify her when it’s ready to be picked up,” Hyland tweeted. “F-cking do it before you close. People like me can’t afford to go without medication.”

It wasn’t just CVS Hyland was mad at, however. The actress posted a video coming after Twitter users who accused her of being irresponsible or an entitled millennial. In her videos, she explained that the medication she need was an antibiotic for an infection that if left untreated would cause her body to reject her new kidney transplant.

Hyland also thanked people who tweeted their own horror stories about CVS in a separate video.

Later, Hyland posted yet another video asking publications to stop writing about her CVS mishap (sorry, Hyland!) and complained about the strangers on Twitter calling her a privileged millennial. She said when CVS called her to apologize, she not only advocated for her own issues but also read tweets from fans who shared their own issues with the pharmacy.

“Someone from CVS called me last night and that probably is a privilege because I am verified on Twitter but I didn’t just tell him my story,” she said. “I read him tweet after tweet after tweet of everyone who told me their story.”

Hyland showed that her beef with CVS was more than just a personal problem for one celebrity, but a nationwide issue suffered by thousands of sick people. Kudos to her for using her platform to help others.

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