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Gearing up for the Road to Austin

We’re getting in an RV and heading to Texas. 


Fernando Alfonso III


The road from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Austin, Texas, is roughly 1,750 miles—if you’re looking for the most direct route. We prefer the path less traveled.

Over the next week, I’m cramming into an RV with Tumblr-based artist duo Mr. GIF for an epic trek down to the annual South By Southwest Interactive conference. We’ll pull over in New York, Nashville, Atlanta, and Houston to meet with folks like inspirational blogger Shane “laughingatmynightmare” Burcaw and Tumblr’s top dog, Tommy Pom

Along the way, we will be GIFing the adventure and trying to find out what the graphics interchange format means to people all across the country.

“I’m hoping to get there safely in one piece, eat some good grub, and meet new rad human beings along the way,” prefaced  Mr. GIF’s Mark Portillo. “This trip will show what ‘live GIFing’ really means.”

Keep an eye on the Daily Dot, Tumblr, and Twitter for updates from the road. And if you happen to be in South by Southwest next week, be sure to check out our March 8 panel with Lindsey Weber, The Economy of the GIF, 3:30pm at Omni Downtown.

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