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Riff Raff pays homage to the long-standing tradition of women posting selfies on the Internet.

Cultural pundit Riff Raff released a timely single Friday, paying homage to the long-standing tradition of women posting selfies on the Internet. Called “Instagram,” the song lasts 2 minutes and 15 seconds and shows more filtered T&A than most people would find on their Instagram feeds in two lifetimes.

It’s also got this short shot of a girl trying to lick the snout of her chihuahua. 


The Houston rapper has a long history of promoting selfie culture, both on Instagram, where he has more than 498,000 followers, and Vine, where he’s a legend with no equal. Rare is the opportunity to see him speak so highly of the site’s many ladies, however. The only female to pop up on his feed is when he’s teasing the aforementioned video or jiving with TMZ. 

Rumor has it the song’s going onto a new album from Riff Raff called Neon Icon, which Stereogum suggests should see release sometime this spring through Diplo’s Mad Decent. 

Photo via JodyHighRoller/YouTube

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