Reblog: This week on Tumblr

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling cares about your Tumblr. But Drake doesn't.


Jordan Valinsky


Published Nov 11, 2011   Updated Jun 3, 2021, 1:26 am CDT

On Tumblr this week, we learned Ryan Gosling is more adorable than a puppy (but not kittens); that Drake is a zero, not a hero, on Tumblr; and journalists will always find an outlet to kvetch about everything and anything on their insufferable minds.

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So let’s dig into this edition of Reblog, the Daily Dot’s week in review of Tumblr, the world’s most annoying blogging site where no one gives a sugar about anything, according to the gospel of Drake. Except he didn’t say “sugar.” (More on that in second.)

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But first, to fill our editor-mandated Ryan Gosling quota, a new Tumblr dedicated to the Hollywood hunk found its way into the Tumblrsphere. Gosling attended Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas, last week found himself the target of Ryan Gosling at Fun Fun Fun Fest, a Tumblr dedicated to pictures of him at the festival.

Austin Kleon, who created the blog, said he saves his “dumbest ideas for the Internet” in an interview with the Daily Dot on Monday. Too modest, Austin! This is the smartest blog we’ve seen in a while.

Speaking of dumb, Drake, the hip-hop artist, totally hates you losers for spending so much time on Tumblr.

“I hate what Tumblr has become,” said Drake to an interview with The Source magazine. “It reminds me of those clique-y girls in high school that used to make fun of everyone else and define what was cool, but in five years, when you all graduate, that sh– doesn’t matter.”

Maybe Drake needs to speak with Unka Glen and get these trust issues figured out. Also, who goes to high school for five years?

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To work out these issues, perhaps Drake needs to check out The Kitten Covers, a Tumblr that replaces famous album covers with cuddly felines.

“The kitten covers are just an homage to all the great music and music iconography out there,” the blog’s creator told the Daily Dot on Wednesday.

Another photo-centric Tumblr caught our attention this week: Awkward Stock Photos. A blog dedicated to exactly what it sounds like. (Our favorite is a lady giving birth to a pineapple because that’s how giving birth feels like—right, @FriendFromHS?)

Finally, the “We Are the [insert percentage/underprivileged group]” formula reached its pinnacle this week with the Tumblr We Are Journalists, because if there’s one thing journalists really need, it’s a place where they can share their stories with an audience.

This throughly redundant and self-indulgent blog posts stories from journalists and what God’s work they are doing for the world. Thanks, guys!

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“As journalists, we spend so much time letting others tell their stories, I think it’s a nice release for us to finally tell our own,” the blog’s creator told the Daily Dot on Thursday. Right, pour yourself a glass of whiskey, complain to your significant other, and stalk Facebook for story ideas.

Maybe Drake is right and no one cares about anything on Tumblr. After reading that dreck-fest, I know I don’t.

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*First Published: Nov 11, 2011, 6:47 pm CST