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2 couples from ‘Queer Eye’ went on a double date



Christine Friar


Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot is no stranger to a romantic plotline, and since the show’s first two seasons both take place in Georgia, it was only a matter of time until some of these lovebirds got together and hung out.

This past weekend, Tom and Abby from season 1, episode 1 met up with William and Shannan from season 2, episode 2, and the couples enjoyed a sweet double dinner date. In Tom’s episode, he hoped that a makeover from the Fab 5 would help him prove to his ex-wife Abby that he’d turned over a new leaf. In William’s episode, he hoped that a boost in confidence would help him find the courage to propose to his longtime girlfriend Shannan. Both guys ended up landing their dream lady thanks to some expert coaching, and now they get to enjoy nights on the town together (and snap a few pictures with fans).

Both contestants seem to have kept up with their patterned shirts and beard-grooming routines, so Tan and Jonathan would be proud:


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