Project Youngin Shot IG Live


Florida rapper Project Youngin apparently shot during Instagram Live

He was celebrating the release of new music.


Chris Illuminati


Project Youngin, an up-and-coming rapper from Florida, is reportedly recovering from gunshot wounds apparently suffered in the middle of an Instagram Live update. The 25-year-old rapper, whose real name is Rasheed Jamaal Hall, posted the video to his account on Sunday.

The St. Petersburg native recorded the video inside a car while his new single played in the background. In the clip, the rapper counts $100 bills while boasting that his new song will drop soon. That’s when things apparently took a turn for the awful.

Here’s what transpired next, according to XXL magazine:

Youngin was filming himself previewing a song from an unreleased new mixtape titled Thug Souljas. He can be seen in the circulated footage singing along, counting $100 bills and discussing the project when gunshot sounds fire, at which point he appears to drop the camera.

“This song right now though, y’all gon’ get that,” he says. “It’s on the way. It’s comin’. Yeah, that shit comin’. Y’all already know, man. Thug Souljas on the way, man. That’s how we rockin’, man.”

Project Youngin can be heard coughing off camera while the stream ends abruptly.

The Daily Mail notes that Project Youngin’s team posted a brief update to Twitter yesterday, stating: “Thank you everyone for your prayers. We will let you know about Project Youngins condition soon – PY team.”

Youngin’s current condition is unknown but one of his friends, Foolio, posted this message to his Instagram account:

“julio_foolio@projectyoungin 💔💔💔 #Project6ForLife 💔💔💔 #HeartBroken4LStay up Big brother⌛️”

Youngin was allegedly shot in Broward County, the same area where rapper XXXTentacion was gunned down back in June.


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