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Piers Morgan and Cher duked it out on Twitter over fishnets

Celebrity culture gets weirder by the day.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


Former CNN host Piers Morgan spent part of Monday night tweeting insults about Cher‘s appearance, just in case anyone was wondering if he was still a classless jerk.

The whole thing began with a tweet from Perez Hilton asking if Morgan still hated Madonna. (Answer: He does, because she does not wear enough clothes for Morgan’s satisfaction.)

A fan then brought up Cher, who famously refuses to let age dim her love for sequins, fishnets, and extravagant formalwear.

To which Cher replied:

Twitter is indeed a marvelous place. Where else would you get to witness Cher arguing with a British journalist about her right to wear fishnet stockings?

Throughout the evening, Piers Morgan also tweeted about the recent L.A.P.D. shooting, which made for a bizarre juxtaposition with his public insults of a woman’s clothing choices. It was a pure, textbook example of a man offering his unsolicited opinion on the Internet.

Thankfully, Twitter monarch Cher came out as the clear winner here. Cher, we salute your always-appropriate emoji usage.

Photo via David Carroll/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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