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Fashion enablers deliver unhelpful encouragement

Oooh, girl, you go ahead and get your fashion tips on Tumblr.


Lauren Rae Orsini


Girl, do you ever look in your closet and just have no idea what to wear?

Girl, do you wish there was a place you could go for help?

Enter Oooh Girl, a Tumblr that aims to be “a public service blog for bitches who aint know how to get dressed.”

Created and illustrated by professional artists Jess Fink and Carly Monardo, the blog offers eclectic dress advice that’s one part What Not to Wear, one part RuPaul’s Drag U, and one part Mystery Science Theater 3000.

“Go ‘head, girl, wear that big sweater,” Monardo writes, accompanying her illustration of a girl in an enormous sweater dress. “Don’t let nobody know if you’re skinny or fat, you keep that to yo’self.”

“Who needs a nose job?” Fink writes below her drawing of a girl wearing pantyhose over her face. “Girl, dat shnoz is lookin FLY in dem tights.”

The blog, launched this month, only has seven posts. However, it’s already attracting hundreds of reblogs. Plus, Fink and Monardo’s artist friends, who have their own substantial online followings, are getting on the bandwagon.

Jeph Jacques, a Web-comic artist previously profiled by the Daily Dot, added his two cents with a drawing of a girl wearing a shirt as pants and a caption that follows suit: “Girl you just wear that shirt any dang way you please.”

Another artist, Eric Colossal, suggested an outfit with designer handbags instead of shoes.

The Daily Dot is still trying to reach the stylish ladies behind this sassy blog. We can only hope they’ll give us some fashion advice.

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