nic cage in face/off

Screengrab via EDGAR RENTON/YouTube

Despite all your rage…

Nicolas Cage is a vessel for many things, and now that includes your rage

The Nic Cage Rage Page exists as a channel for fans to produce their best Cage-like screams. And if you can’t dig one up from your own personal reserves of rage, there’s plenty of source material. 

When you watch this compilation of Cage freakout moments, you suddenly realize he’s overacted in nearly movie he’s been in. Add in this fan theory that his movies mirror his real life and that he is “completely unaware that he is an actor,” and it gets even better. 

The Nic Cage Rage Page, which was created by four self-professed Cageheads, will rate you on a scale of 1 to, well, we’re not sure. If screaming “I’m a vampire” over and over before noon only gets me a 4, what gets you a 10? 

This scene? 

So much material to choose from.

H/T AV Club 

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