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Moby is getting roasted on Twitter for his terrible take on food stamps

‘Wow Eminem was right about Moby.’


Tiffany Kelly


Moby—musician, DJ, and vegan restaurant owner—apparently has a lot of opinions about what people should eat. Specifically poor people. In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that was published on Sunday, he argues that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) should support only healthy food. He suggests that SNAP shouldn’t pay for processed food like meat and cheese, or junk food like candy.

Obviously, the op-ed didn’t go over well. On Twitter, people roasted Moby’s article.

Many criticized Moby for wanting to make the lives of poor people even more difficult:

Although Moby grew up with a mother who used food stamps, he didn’t seem to see that it was a bad idea to tell poor people what they should eat.

The op-ed also reignited the internet’s interest in the long-running feud between Moby and Eminem. Although Moby spoke highly of the rapper in a Reddit AMA a few years ago, the internet seems to think that Eminem has now won.

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