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Alright alright alright, Hook ‘Em.

Texas pulled an upset victory over Notre Dame in a nail biter of a game that went into double overtime, but before the Longhorns went onto the field they received the pep talk of a lifetime from one of their own.

Academy Award-winning actor and college professor Matthew McConaughey is a proud and loyal Texas alumnus, and in the past he’s taken the time out of his schedule to chat with the Longhorns at practice.

That was a couple years ago, though. It’s a brand new season and the actor is needed more than ever by his school. As the Longhorns prepared to face a nationally ranked team in primetime, McConaughey once again put on a coach’s hat to pump them up for the game.

It was very McConaughey-esque, but the snippets we were shown on TV highlighted some excellent life advice, regardless of if you’re about to face a major opponent: being nervous before a big event is completely normal and to leave the field with no regrets.

Considering the outcome, they did just that.

You know, if the whole acting thing doesn’t work out for him the Longhorns could probably hire him as a full-time pep coach.

H/T Sports Illustrated

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