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This YouTube channel is nothing but a man eating weird stuff on ice cream

Bon appétit.


Josh Katzowitz


Posted on Nov 20, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 1:11 am CDT

Do you want to watch somebody eat kimchi on ice cream? How about refried beans on ice cream? Or crackers? What about pickles or pickled herring or fishsticks? Or, um, toilet paper?

If you’re into any of that—or hundreds of more food choices that aren’t traditionally used as ice cream toppings—this YouTuber who posts on the man eating food channel will fulfill your wildest fantasy. If, that is, your fantasy happens to be watching a middle-aged dude post dozens of videos a month of himself eating weird things on ice cream.

Like soft-shell crab.

Or beef jerky.

And a burrito.

According to the Next Web, the man’s name is Eric, and he’s a special education teacher.

The idea for this activity began when a Redditor named Ben Rosen posted last summer that he was collaborating with Eric to get him to eat anything the internet wanted.

He refused to eat a Tide Pod—and apparently, he won’t eat an animal that’s on the endangered species list—but just about everything else was fair game.

Eric started his YouTube channel in July, and he’s already uploaded more than 300 videos in the four months since then, accumulating more than 2.1 million views. Most of his bite-sized videos average between 300-1,000 views, but he’s already picked up nearly 20,000 subscribers—subscribers who apparently just want to watch a man silently eat a bowl of ice cream with a bunch of strange shit on top of it.

Like mac and cheese.

Or Doritos (cool ranch).

And dog food.

The best part of the videos is that Eric takes his bite, and his facial expression doesn’t change. Whether the concoction is disgusting or delicious, his face doesn’t tell us the answer. He chews, and then he nods his head.

It’s a job well done every single time, and Eric surely knows it. He doesn’t need the applause and plaudits. He doesn’t need to show you how grossed out he might or might not be. Each video on the channel tells a simple bite-sized story, and by the end, your soul is the one that’s being nourished.

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*First Published: Nov 20, 2018, 3:57 pm CST