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Forgotten episodes of ‘Mr. Rogers’ posted to YouTube, send possible message to Trump

The episodes depict a face-off between Russia and the U.S.


Nia Wesley


Two old episodes of classic series Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood mysteriously surfaced via YouTube on Monday.

Originally reported by the Daily Beast, the subject matter of the two episodes is oddly timely, depicting a face-off between representations of Russia and the U.S. The episodes show King Friday and Mr. Corney, symbolizing the two world powers, accumulating materials to make bombs. They even take from the community to do so.

President Trump recently announced  a budget that would acquire $54 billion in defense spending. Terms of the plan would also diminish  federal contributions toward public broadcasting, which brought the world Mr. Rogers in the first place.

The episodes, No. 1,521 and 1,522, aired in November of 1983. They ring a relevant tune 34 years later.

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