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If you think you’ve seen Lin-Manuel Miranda everywhere this week, you have

There’s a million things he hasn’t done.


Michelle Jaworski


Between hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and the release of PBS’s Hamilton documentary on Oct. 21, Lin-Manuel Miranda is having a busy week—and for the rest of us, it’s one with plenty of promotional goodness.

He’s joined by SNL cast member Cecily Strong—she played Miranda in a Celebrity Family Feud sketch last week—in his promos for this week’s show. They try to pin which member of Sex and the City they are (Lorne Michaels is definitely a Carrie), Miranda gets fake-angry at Strong for her impression of him, and they poke fun that it’s so hard to get Hamilton tickets that the guy who created and starred in it can’t even see it. (He’s totally seen Hamilton since he’s left the show—and he’ll be at the show’s opening night in Chicago.)

Appearing on The Tonight Show, Miranda joined Jimmy Fallon for another round of Wheel of Freestyle, which is basically just a showcase of how easily he can come up with lyrics on the fly.

And to top it all off, Miranda led an all-star cast—from Hamilton and The Tonight Show to presidents and other top politicians—urging people to get out and vote in this year’s election. After all, the Founding Fathers portrayed in Hamilton fought and killed for the notion of a nation they got to build, and it falls apart if people throw away their shot.

Man, the man is non-stop.

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