Lil Tay's mom reportedly let her daughter film a car and a penthouse for Instagram videos without the owners' permission.


Lil Tay’s mom provided cars, a penthouse for videos without permission

'Definitely a no-no.'


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Posted on May 15, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 3:47 pm CDT

Lil Tay, the 9-year-old Instagrammer, likes to brag about her stacks of money and luxury cars. But new reports are poking holes in her claims to being the “youngest flexer of the century,” as it seems Lil Tay’s mom provided cars and backdrops for videos without the owners’ permission.

Last week, reports said Angela Tian, Lil Tay’s mom, got fired from her job at a Vancouver real estate agency. But a director for the agency revised his statement to the Daily Hive, saying Tian resigned before she could get fired by her ex-boss, David Yang, for questionable activity involving Lil Tay.

Yang told Global News that Tian used his Mercedes 500 SL in a Lil Tay video without letting him know.

“This shit cost me $200,000,” Lil Tay says from the front seat of the car in the video, wearing a jacket with the tag still attached. “I’m only nine years old, I ain’t got no license, but I still drive this sports car bitch. Your favorite rapper ain’t even doing it like Lil Tay.”

According to Yang, Tian asked if her son and daughter could take a photo with his sports car, but he “didn’t realize she was filming for Instagram.”

Yang told the National Post that a $3.6 million penthouse Lil Tay claims is hers in another video was the site of an open house her mom hosted—in Vancouver, not Beverly Hills.

It’s “definitely a no-no” to film inside a client’s home without permission, Yang said. He also told the newspaper that Tian drives an “ordinary Japanese car.”

Meanwhile, Lil Tay is working hard to keep up the appearance that she’s dripping in cash from “moving bricks” (which is slang for dealing drugs). In a video posted Saturday, Lil Tay kicks the side of a Rolls Royce to prove it’s not a rental.

“Lil Tay rich and finna get richer,” she says.

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*First Published: May 15, 2018, 4:06 pm CDT