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KSI defends himself after Logan Paul says he objectifies women

KSI also defends his comments about Paul’s girlfriend.


Josh Katzowitz


KSI has responded to Logan Paul’s claim that the British YouTube star objectifies women by saying Paul’s video was an “SJW facade” and calling him a coward for not speaking up at an explosive press conference earlier this month.

The two are fighting in an amateur boxing match on Aug. 25, and they’ve been ripping each other for months. But Paul seemingly took great offense during their U.K. press conference when he walked out after KSI made suggestive comments about Paul’s girlfriend, Chloe Bennet.

“So you got a new girlfriend now,” KSI, who’s got 19 million YouTube subscribers to Paul’s 17.9 million, said at the press conference. “Chloe Bennet, what’s up babes? Why don’t you introduce me to her? You’ve only got 85 percent of your testicle. Let me give her the other 15. I’ll show her a real man.”

Meanwhile, the crowd chanted, “She’s a hoe,” as KSI jumped up and down onstage, seemingly to egg on the fans.

Paul also showed a clip of KSI, on his own vlog, saying, “How is he going to go down on with you with a busted lip? I’m sorry Chloe, but after the 25th of August, Logan is going to have to fuck you like a prostitute.”

Paul responded in a video on Saturday by saying, “You talk about my girl like she’s a piece of meat. But you know women have a choice, right? Sometimes they don’t like those comments.”

In his response on Monday, KSI said, “This whole righteous SJW facade, it just seems a bit forced. It doesn’t seem genuine at all. Like you said, Logan, you’re a dog. When you back a dog up into a corner, eventually it’s going to bite. That’s what you’re doing right now, Logan.”

KSI said he didn’t tell the audience to chant “She’s a hoe” and that Paul can’t hold him accountable because fans did that on their own.

“I’m not saying what they said is right by any means, but if you felt so strongly about it, why didn’t you say or do anything there and then?” KSI said. “You sat there and did nothing.”

KSI also said he wasn’t calling Bennet a prostitute when he said Paul would have to “fuck” her like one.

“I’m just comparing to the fact you usually can’t kiss a prostitute,” KSI said. “After I bust up your lip, Logan, you won’t be able to kiss her either. Ah, manipulation at its finest.”

In his vlog, Paul posted an old video from 2012 in which KSI objectified women while at a European gaming conference—a stunt that eventually caused Microsoft to sever all ties with him—and Paul showed himself deleting his own music video for “No Handlebars,” which featured him riding a girl like a bicycle and where he sings, “I can ride your girl with no handlebars.”

“This kind of content no longer represents my brand and the person I’m becoming,” Paul said.

KSI declined to respond to his old video, saying he’d already made a video in 2017 in which he said he regretted being misogynistic (though he hysterically laughs throughout). In the video description, KSI wrote, “Sidenote, i took down my Eurogamer vid the next morning when i watched it back and felt it went too far. You’ve waited months to delete your Handlebar video, just for views and because you now have a girlfriend.”

In his Monday vlog, KSI also showed other Paul videos that could be seen as sexually exploitative and harassing.

“Logan, you’re playing checkers and I’m playing chess,” KSI said. “Let me tell you how it is. In that U.K. press conference, you couldn’t think of a good comeback on that stage. You couldn’t handle the pressure. That’s why you left. That’s why you made that video. When you’re in that ring, your PR team ain’t going to save shit. I will always be one step ahead of you. This was a terrible attempt at trying to knock my credibility and justify you being a coward when you left that press conference.”

Here are the complete Paul and KSI videos.


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