KSI Deji Randolph YouTube beef


YouTube star KSI blasts family for leaking his banking info: ‘Don’t you f*cking dare’

A family beef blows up.


Josh Katzowitz


Posted on Nov 29, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 12:33 am CDT

Even when YouTube star KSI doesn’t want to be involved in a beef between his brother and another YouTuber, he can’t help but get pulled in. This time, it involves KSI’s finances and an apparent wedding gift he gave to a YouTuber named Randolph.

Consider KSI livid, telling his parents in a YouTube video that he’s disappointed in them for allowing his brother Deji access to his financial information and mad at his brother for posting it in a diss track.

“Don’t you fucking dare put my information out on blast like that,” KSI said. “I keep that shit private. Mom, dad, I’m disappointed.”

The feud involves Randolph and Deji, who is most famous for getting knocked out by Jake Paul in a boxing match in August. Randolph has worked for KSI as a cameraman and started the feud when he said Deji’s YouTube channel (which has 9.7 million subscribers) was “dead.” Deji responded in kind about Randolph’s channel (435,000 subscribers).

That’s when the two made competing diss tracks against each other with verses and rhymes that turned nasty quickly. Randolph called Deji “the poorest rich man that I know,” ripped him for still living with his parents, and parroted an old Jake Paul insult by calling him a “Walmart KSI.”

Deji responded by creating his own diss track, saying he would “fuck your wife like a horse,” calling him KSI’s “bitch,” and implying that he’s cheating on his spouse.

Deji also said Randolph’s wedding “was shit” and “the dress looked cheap.” But here’s what upset KSI. Deji showed an apparent financial statement that he said showed that KSI transferred £4,000 (about $5,100) to pay for Randolph’s wedding earlier this year.

KSI discovered that breach when he was shooting his own reaction video to his brother’s diss track. At first, KSI was enjoying Deji’s raps, but when KSI’s financial statement showed up in the video, that’s when his mood darkened.

“Don’t get me involved in this shit, fam. I’m just watching,” he said. “That’s on my parents. Mom, dad, I’m actually disappointed that you would let him into my accounts and post it publicly. What the fuck. That’s actually pissed me off. Why are you getting involved me with this? I didn’t even pay for his wedding. That was a gift. He paid for his own wedding.”

It’s unclear if the beef will be squashed now that Deji’s older brother and Randoph’s boss has expressed his disappointment. But one thing is clear: If KSI gives wedding gifts worth £4,000, you should consider inviting him to your own wedding as well.

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*First Published: Nov 29, 2018, 10:58 am CST