Watch Kristen Schaal expose the hypocrisy of Dadbod on ‘The Daily Show’

Women love the new Dadbod craze, but the men who actually have the body type probably love it even more. After all, they no longer have to adhere to society’s expectations of what the ideal male body should look like. 

Kristen Schaal is quick to praise the men for their newfound victory, including actual dad Jon Stewart. But also notes that this wave of body positivity is only going one way, in that moms are still being held to ridiculously high beauty standards. 

“We’re all having a great belly laugh!” she said. “The guys are. If a woman had a belly they would not let her on that show.”

In truth, Schaal is totally right: while dadbods are currently being celebrated, many have pointed out that there’s no female equivalent of the trend, or “mombod.” In fact, women are still under enormous pressure to shed their baby weight immediately after giving birth.

For the time being, however, Schaal gets her revenge by making Stewart “shake what your mama gave you that you didn’t take care of for 50 years.” The result is all sorts of strange and wonderful.

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Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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