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The Kardashian remake of Kris Jenner’s 30th birthday video is the trippiest thing ever

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Posted on Nov 9, 2015   Updated on May 27, 2021, 4:35 pm CDT

Kim Kardashian released an epic new video on her YouTube channel over the weekend, and while Kim is fully clothed the entire time, it just might be the wildest thing on the internet.

The video is a double header, featuring Kris Jenner’s totally bizarre music video celebrating her 30th birthday in 1985, and—for those brave souls who make it all the way to the 4:04 mark—a contemporary remake of said music video featuring all five of Jenner’s daughters.

Update 7:10am CT, Nov. 10: The clip has been pulled from YouTube on a copyright claim, but you can catch a teaser in this tweet and click through to the full-length video on Kim Kardashian’s website.

For those who haven’t seen the original before, it’s a play by play of all of Jenner’s favorite people and places, including an alarming cameo by OJ Simpson.

Young Kris was a big fan of tennis, the Cheesecake Factory, Bible study, and church on Sundays. Jenner playfully vogues on a treadmill, drives a convertible, and sings “I love my friends” to the tune of Randy Newman’s “I Love LA.”

Much like their mother, the Kardashian girls mug on a treadmill, but they’ve replaced her ‘80s skivvies with contemporary sleek black workout gear. They also list all her favorite places. Unfortunately, Cheesecake Factory and “Bible study” don’t make the cut in the contemporary production—nor is there an appearance by OJ Simpson.

There is, however, an adorable cameo by Justin Bieber (5:51), a painfully long interlude by Katy Perry (6:57), and a startling final bathtub shot of Caitlyn Jenner (7:20), who can’t seem to get the simple refrain “She loves you!” quite right.

True Kardashian fans will walk away with many questions: Why so much Scott? Why so little Rob? And the repeat use of footage of the deceased Robert Kardashian might even tug at your heartstrings.

But one thing’s for sure: this video is bizarrely, undeniably mesmerizing.

The repetitive refrain, the cheesy photo-montages, and the monotonous singing voices of the sisters all come together to create a strange spell. Watch the whole thing a couple of times and you’ll find yourself vacillating between horror and awe, giggling, dazzled and wondering if this is in fact art.

Screengrab via Kim Kardashian West/YouTube

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*First Published: Nov 9, 2015, 8:47 am CST