Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays drums on subway platform, no one pays him any mind

This weekend Joseph Gordon-Levitt took the subway drum circle to the next level, by throwing down a red carpet, putting on a suit and tie, and banging away.

In a video released by Gordon-Levitt himself, he’s seen setting up his drums, counting loudly, and playing a bit of a drum solo right on an L.A. subway platform. It’s all part of a recent project for his production company Hit Record called Everyday, Spectacular, which called for artists, musicians, and performers to go out into the world and “make a spectacular moment out of that everyday situation.” 

However, people didn’t pay him much attention as they traveled to and from the platform, but one passenger did compare him to Pee-wee Herman.

All one ever needs to do to be incognito in Los Angeles is play an instrument, though.

H/T New York Daily News

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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