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Jon Stewart wants Arby’s to take its job offer and deep-fry it

He doesn’t leave the fast food chain hanging.


Michelle Jaworski


Jon Stewart may not know yet what he’ll be doing after he leaves The Daily Show, but the job offers are already pouring in—including one from his longtime adversary.

Casual viewers who saw Arby’s tweet to Jon Stewart Tuesday night offering him a job may have thought nothing of it. The more cynical among you might shake your heads and sigh, muttering “brands” before moving on with your lives.

Stewart’s beef with Arby’s, however, goes even deeper than one brand’s attempt to jump on the trending bandwagon. He’s been sparring with the fast-food chain for years, and he tends to roast it on a semi-regular basis. Arby’s, for its part, has taken it all in good fun, so when someone at Arby’s sent the job offer to Stewart, it was probably just to continue their “rivalry.”

But on last night’s Daily Show, after wondering aloud whether people thought he had died following his announcement, Stewart got took the Arby’s offer a step further. To say that he didn’t accept Arby’s “peace offering” would be underselling his anger toward what Arby’s and its food represent.

“To work there, would I have to handle, serve, touch, eat, or even look at what you so generously describe as food?” he asked. “That’s right Arby’s. This motherfucking thing ain’t over.”

The job search continues.

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