Stamos proposes

Screengrab via Doug Cox/YouTube

Man proposes to girlfriend—with the help of John Stamos

When your girlfriend is obsessed with ‘Full House,’ there’s only one thing you can do.


David Britton


Fellas we’ve all been there. How do you convince your girlfriend to marry you while John Stamos is still single? Love and loyalty are one thing, but is it really fair to ask a woman to spend her entire life with you while there’s even the smallest chance she could still become Mrs. Stamos?

A man named Doug Cox had an elegant solution, realizing that the only way to fight Stamos, is with Stamos. He sent Stamos an email explaining his predicament: Full House takes up 34 percent of his DVR memory, and there is a framed picture of the actor on his wall. He needed Stamos to help the woman of his dreams get over Stamos.

Not only did Mr. Stamos reply, he did it with a video where he extolled her boyfriend’s virtues and recommended she marry him… and get a bigger DVR.

Cox then filmed his girlfriend watching the video and edited the whole thing together for the delight of the internet. The only thing better than the look on this woman’s face while she’s watching Stamos is the expression she makes when her boyfriend whips out the ring.

Cox proposes
Screengrab via Doug Cox/YouTube

The answer wasn’t just yes. It was “Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes! Hahahaha!” That’s exactly what you’re looking for in these situations. Although at the end of the video she can’t help but throw in a classic Uncle Jesse line.

Oh well, what can you do? He’s still John Stamos.

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