John Legend surprises London commuters with impromptu piano performance

Commuters passing through St. Pancras International Station in London on Wednesday were treated to a public and impromptu performance from one of its famous passengers.

The pianos situated at St. Pancras are available for anyone to play, and since the first one was installed in 2009 all kinds of musicians have taken to playing those keys. As John Legend arrived at the station after taking a EuroStar train, he wanted to know if the pianos were still there—which also served as an announcement that he intended to play.

And sure enough, Legend set himself up at the same piano Elton John donated to the station for a mini concert for fans and passersby.

People quickly pulled out their cameras to film Legend during his three-song set, while others could watch the many livestreams online.

Legendary, one might say.

H/T Telegraph

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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