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Jimmy Kimmel’s Unicorn Frappuccino parody will give you the perfect morning buzz

Good enough to make a smile last for 6 minutes.


Michelle Jaworski


Starbucks has released the Instagram-friendly Unicorn Frappuccino into the wild for the next few days, and it’s caused more stress among some baristas than anyone thought possible. Meanwhile, others are disgusted by the sheer ingredients of the drink.

But Jimmy Kimmel perhaps has an even better drink for the times ahead.

Instead of a massive sugar high, Kimmel’s new Starbucks drink, dubbed the Fuck-it-ccino, is the perfect antidote for a complicated world. It’s got plenty of appealing ingredients (and some on the more dangerous side, especially combined), but it’s bound to help lead to a brief smile.

As intriguing as it looks, it doesn’t look any easier to actually make, so while we might be happy, our baristas?

Not so much.

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