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Screengrab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Jimmy Fallon just gave the student who rapped his application an internship

See you this summer, kid.


Michelle Jaworski


A few days after Washington State University student Jake Sirianni rapped his case for why he would make a good Tonight Show intern, Jimmy Fallon personally responded to it.

Sirianni’s application, where he edited himself into a Daniel Radcliffe variety sketch, went viral soon after he posted it, and it ended up being seen by The Tonight Show. His chances looked good as the show’s Twitter account told him to watch the show that night—because well, telling an internship applicant to watch a show just to get a rejection on national television would be a really shitty thing to do.

Sitting at his desk, Fallon caught his audience up over what had happened and played Sirianni’s video before offering him the job right there. (And as Fallon confirmed, it’s paid.)

“Jake, if you’re watching—and you better be watching—the answer is yes,” Pack your bags, buddy! I’ll see you this summer! I can’t wait to meet you, man!”

Sirianni watched Fallon’s internship offer with a group of friends as cameras caught his reaction, and now that he’s had time to process it he’s just as thrilled to meet Fallon.

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