Honest Trailers roasts its No. 1 requested movie: ‘Shrek’


It’s fan appreciation month over at Honest Trailers, and that means the roastmasters are letting fans decide which movies get torched. 

So, without further ado, here’s the Shrek Honest Trailer that everyone wanted for some reason. 

Yes, out of all of the bad movies and good movies that are just a little too smug about it, viewers’ No. 1 choice was this 2001 computer-animated children’s movie from not-Disney.

It’s true that the computer graphics look primitive by modern standards, and that DreamWorks Animation went out of its way to mock Disney while copying its formula. But it’s clear the best things to come out of the Shrek universe (besides unsettlingly green Twinkie filling) were the memes.

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber is the former editor of Daily Dot’s Parsec section, where she wrote about geek culture. She previously worked as a reporter and editor at community newspapers in the Midwest and was recognized by the Ohio Associated Press for news reporting.