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The actor and director are promoting their upcoming film, Lincoln. Google is promoting its social network.

Google’s latest attempt to get you to use its social network, Google+: inviting you to hang out with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The search giant is hoping to lure in some users for when it debuts the film trailer for his upcoming movie, Lincoln, on Sept. 13 at 7pm ET. Following the trailer, director Steven Spielberg and Gordon-Levitt will partake in a video chat using Google+ Hangouts, and G+ users will be able to ask them questions.

Sponsored by Google Play (an application marketplace that Google also really wants you to like), fans can RSVP to the event via its Google+ page. Only 1,000 people are “going” to the event.

If you want to dish with Spielberg and Gordon-Levitt and ask them questions, you will need to a submit a video on Google-owned YouTube with the hashtag #LincolnHangout. In the video, which sounds like a homework assignment, you need to explain why you’re interested in the film and what questions you want to ask the duo. Remember to show your work and use complete sentences.

Lincoln will be released in early November. The film, however, is unfortunately not just two hours of John Slattery looking seductive and driving his Lincoln MKX. Rather, its about the former president’s final months in office (so you already know how it ends).

Google+ has tried to leverage the social network’s video conference feature by orchestrating these type of lavish publicity students in the past. Conan O’Brien, Pres. Barack Obama, and the Dalai Lama have all hosted Hangouts within the last year.

Unless Google is inviting Psy, Mr. Gangnam Style himself, to a Hangout, consider us busy.

Photo via Clevver Movies/YouTube

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