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Screenshot via Malec/YouTube

‘Game of Thrones’ gets an anime intro—and it is awesome

This would be a very special episode.


Christine Friar


There’s definitely some speculation about what Game of Thrones‘ eighth season will hold, but it’s safe to say they won’t be getting an anime title sequence anytime soon.

That’s where YouTuber Malec stepped in. The French animator usually dedicates their talents to imagining rap battles between various fan-favorite characters from pop culture, like Link from Zelda facing off against Finn from Adventure Time. But in their latest video, they reimagined Game of Thrones as if it were an anime—and it honestly looks like a fun show to watch.

Maybe it’s all the swords, maybe it’s the characters’ hair. Something about the show lends itself easily to the genre:

So hey, if they’re running low on ideas this season, they can always try a very special episode.

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