Fergie storms Instagram with flurry of racy nudes

Photo via Fergie/Instagram

The singer stripped down to her birthday suit to promote a mystery project.

Fergie, the former Black Eyed Peas vocalist, posted a photo to Instagram on Saturday that has the internet drooling over her lovely lady lumps.

The singer stripped down to her birthday suit with the exception of black heels and gloves. The 42-year-old is proving that age is just a number by showcasing her amazing body. She captioned the photo with the word “tick.” Fergie then posted another similar photo with the word “tock.” Fans believe the sexy photo is in preparation of her much-anticipated album Double Duchess. Maybe “tick-tock” is symbolizing the clock counting down until the release, maybe it’s a song’s name, or maybe she’s just toying with us because she can.

Either way the “My Humps” singer looks amazing in the viral, black-and-white photo.


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The artistic shot looks great in any direction. You can’t go wrong with a classy amount of side-boob.


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The shoot was also shared on Instagram by Giovanni Bianco, Vogue Italia‘s creative director. Unlike Fergie, he went for an upfront caption, writing “coming soon.”

We all know big girls don’t cry, but we can’t wait for the singer’s comeback.

Vanna Vasquez

Vanna Vasquez

Vanna Vasquez is a former intern at the Daily Dot whose work focused on viral news, politics, and YouTube. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, she has also published bylines with BuzzFeed.