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Twitter roasts NBA player Draymond Green for accidentally sending NSFW Snapchat

Stories just got a whole lot raunchier.


April Siese


NBA superstar Draymond Green, whose name is literally synonymous with ball punching, must’ve been pretty preoccupied when he sent out a raunchy Snapchat to his countless followers on Sunday afternoon.

A photo of Green’s penis made its way to the “Stories” section after the Team USA player basically fucked up at privately sending his junk. Green claimed being hacked but later recanted his statement and has since apologized.

For thirsty basketball fans, the NSFW snap was a gift from the nut puncher himself. Those who actually give a fuck about privacy were pretty mortified. And the internet? Well, it did what it always does when someone royally misuses technology: it roasted the shit out of him.

It’s unclear whether Green was low key supporting the dicks out for Harambe movement, though activists desperately want it to be true. Sure, Green’s mistake and hacking claim were cringe-worthy. What could really save face for the power forward, who’s been doing God’s work when it comes to trolling his teammates on the social media app, is coming out in favor of such a worthy cause.

If anything, it’s far more believable than being too horny to hit the right button.

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