Eoin Duggan of The Irish Clip Board may not have many friends, but his YouTube channel is hilarious.

Every evening, the Daily Dot delivers a selection of links worth clicking from around the Web, along with the day’s must-see image or video. We call it Dotted Lines.

  • After being banned from Twitter two weeks ago, Reuters parody account @reutershulk has triumphantly returned to smash the news.
  • A documentary about Devo is whipping it real good on Kickstarter.
  • Opera may not be the most popular browser, but it has a built-in way to circumvent the U.K.’s block on prominent file sharing site The Pirate Bay.
  • Taking video of police misconduct? There’s an app for that, thanks to the New Jersey branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
  • Justin Bieber’s Twitter following continues to grow at a terrifying pace. The second most-followed tweeter has picked up 6 million new followers in just the past four months. Unless they’re all dummy accounts created by Laina Walker, that’s pretty impressive.
  • A developer has released a browser plugin that allows you to view your friends’ activity on Facebook apps without installing those apps yourself. Unsurprisingly, Facebook is not pleased.

Above: Eoin Duggan of The Irish Clipboard is forever alone in the aptly titled Friends spoof “No Friends.”

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