DJ Earworm's United State of Pop 2017

DJ Earworm/YouTube

DJ Earworm’s ‘United States of Pop’ returns to mashup 2017

All of the year’s biggest hits in one handy mashup.


Christine Friar


2017 may have been a bad year for… nearly everything, but pop music somehow managed to still be good. The same 12-month period that brought us “Despacito” and “That’s What I Like,” also brought us “Bodak Yellow” and “Humble.” The universe is abundant.

And for the 10th year in a row, DJ Earworm has delivered on his meme of mashing up the 25 biggest songs into one mega-hit called the United State of Pop. This year’s theme is “How We Do It,” because apparently, our stars had a lot of suggestions.

Dumpster on fire with '2017' on the front
Illustration by Jason Reed

Taylor Swift does it “all the time.” Luis Fonsi does it “down in Puerto Rico.” Alessia Cara does it “underneath the rising sun.” It is a popular thing to do:

You can find a full list of songs featured (along with lyrics, for some reason) in the YouTube description.

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