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This comedian is compiling your dream mashups on Twitter

Biggie Azalea is as good as it sounds.


Audra Schroeder


Posted on Jul 25, 2015   Updated on May 28, 2021, 7:11 am CDT

Sometimes you’re on the Internet, and you’re slapped awake by a thought. “Has anyone ever mashed up Neu! and New Kids on the Block?” you call into the void known as Twitter.

Somewhere in the void, Demi Adejuyigbe hears you.  

Since the beginning of July, the 22-year-old Adejuyigbe—a digital producer on Comedy Central’s @Midnight—has been posting a mashup a day on Twitter, sourced from people who’ve tossed their half-formed mashup dreams into the wishing well over the last two years. Adejuyigbe says he got inspiration for the series when he found a tweet from comedian and Last Week Tonight writer Josh Gondelman.

“Mashup culture taken to the Web has been a real boon not only for mashups but for comedy,” he explained. “Comedy has yet another platform to take shape. And it’s such a weird platform, because it’s not necessarily telling a joke as much as it is assuming a joke based on what you’re hearing.”

In March, Adejuyigbe posted a series of videos to Twitter, in which he threaded Hozier’s inescapable hit “Take Me to Church” with different songs—or sped up and slowed down the tempo—while staring into the camera like he’d “created a monster.”

If you’re familiar with Adejuyigbe, it might be because of Vine, though in the last few months he’s slowed down his output there. There’s a certain fatigue that must set in if you’re going to evolve as a comedian on Vine.

“It’s the 15-minute thing,” he said. “You get that 15 minutes and then you keep trying to extend that 15 minutes and it’s not working as well. So people start to fall off. There’s always going to be funny people on Vine and funny people who find new ways to do what they love on Vine. But I feel like some people get stuck in the loop. ‘Oh, this is what’s funny so this is what I have to stick to.’ And that’s what kills it for me.”

Perhaps you’ve listened to Gilmore Guys, a podcast he hosts with Kevin Porter, whom he met through UCB. The two decided to start watching after Gilmore Girls hit Netflix last October, and have since been dissecting the show episode by episode twice a week. Adejuyigbe had never seen the show before they started the podcast.

“It’s this weird struggle of trying to be funny while also trying to not piss off fans of the show,” he said. “The fans are very into the show and we don’t want to upset them. So we try to do our best to cover it from an informational and analytical place, but also try to do this take like, ‘we’re not experts; we’re just two dudes talking about a TV show, so understand this is also a comedy thing.’” 

Adejuyigbe excels at threading pop culture into much of what he does online. That reminds me: Is Neu! Kids on the Block a thing yet? 

Photo via Twitter | Remix by Fernando Alfonso III

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*First Published: Jul 25, 2015, 10:30 am CDT