day day lewis uses a flip phone

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Are we really surprised that Daniel Day-Lewis uses a flip phone?

Of course Daniel Day-Lewis shuns the latest tech.


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Daniel Day-Lewis is a true method actor, but is he method enough to use a Razr phone in 2018?

Entertainment writer Karen Han reportedly spotted the actor on Thursday, riding the subway and looking at a flip phone. The idea that the Oscar-winning star of Phantom Thread and There Will Be Blood would have a flip phone isn’t entirely unbelievable, but people really got into it.

It was also pointed out that it could be a burner phone, but director Paul Thomas Anderson seemed to confirm the existence of a flip phone earlier this year. When asked if the actor uses emoji, he responded: “No, he’s got a fucking flip phone. He knows what everything is, but he’s never been near an emoji in his life. He’s still going ‘J-K-L,’ typing three letters to get to the ‘L’.”

Hey, Frances McDormand has one too.

We’ve reached out to Day-Lewis’s representatives for comment.

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