Hip-hop jam ‘Dessert’ gets the DanceOn treatment—and it could be the next ‘Nae Nae’

Can dance track “Dessert” become the next “Nae Nae?” It’s certainly on the path toward breakout success.

That’s because the latest single from Brooklyn-born musician Dawin and Atlanta-based Silento is getting the DanceOn treatment—complete with catchy videos featuring its YouTube stars.

To wit: Here’s Chachi Gonzales dancing over “Dessert” with an intense, choreographed teacher fantasy dubbed “Donut High.”

For the uninitiated, DanceOn carves a niche by choreographing elaborate dance routines to trending pop hits. They can elaborate:

“Dance videos are powerful music videos driving more fans to discover new songs in an authentic way,” said DanceOn CEO Amanda Taylor. “DanceOn’s partnerships with such artists as Silento, ilovememphis, James Bay—and now Dawin—showcase our ability to not only make new songs go viral but also impact chart rankings long term.”

On DanceOn’s main channel, performers Kaelynn “KK” HarrisJade Chynoweth, and Sienna Lalau go to war over a cupcake in a number choreographed by Janelle Ginestra and Will “Willdabeast” Adams.

Sweet obsessions aside, the women in these videos have hard-hitting moves, and “Dessert” is performing strongly, peaking at No. 1 on Billboard’s Twitter Emerging Artists chart in mid-October. Last time DanceOn took on a Silento project track sales tripled, according to Billboard

Screengrab via DanceOn/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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