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Conan O’Brien is heading to Mexico

The episode will feature an all-Mexican staff.


Audra Schroeder


In his first week as president, Trump has already managed to sour relations with Mexico over a proposed wall. So Conan O’Brien is stepping in to do some team-building. 

In a new clip, O’Brien explains that in light of the “negative news” about the U.S. and Mexico this week, he wants to do something to turn the tide. So he’s going to film an episode of Conan at a studio in Mexico City, and bring in all-Mexican crew, guests, and audience.  

It’s the latest installment in his Conan Without Borders series, which has taken his show to places like Armenia, Cuba, and South Korea, adding a much-needed layer of social commentary to late night. 

The show will air March 1. 

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