‘Supergirl’ pilot leaks on piracy sites months ahead of premiere

The pilot episode of CBS’s Supergirl show starring Melissa Benoist has appeared on pirate sites six months before it’s set to premiere.

According to Variety, the piracy-tracking firm Excipio said the leaked pilot appeared a bit before 3am ET Friday in HD with no apparent watermarks. Excipio told Variety that the pilot had already been downloaded more than 120,000 times worldwide.

Supergirl’s first official trailer was just released last Wednesday, but has already caused a heated debate among fans. With the pilot leaked online so much faster than other pilots, this early look could go either way for the show. It could show critics they have nothing to worry about or confirm many fans’ fears. It’s so far in advance, however, that it’s hard to tell exactly whether the leak will be helpful or harmful when the premiere finally rolls around.

Supergirl is scheduled to air on CBS starting in November.

H/T Variety | Screengrab via CBS/YouTube

Lisa Granshaw

Lisa Granshaw

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