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Woman from ‘trying kombucha’ meme is recreating it IRL

Brittany Tomlinson has fans. And they want her to do the thing.


Audra Schroeder


Brittany Tomlinson’s reaction to trying kombucha went viral on TikTok earlier this month, and she told the Daily Dot that becoming a meme was “blowing my mind.” But her viral moment is apparently not over.

Tomlinson, who lives in Dallas, was spotted over the weekend by at least three different people who asked her to recreate the reaction meme with drinks. One was apparently a daytime sighting at Texas taco chain Torchy’s, while the other two were spicier nighttime recreations, complete with mysterious blue shots.

Brittany Tomlinson TikTok

Tomlinson seems to be taking it all in stride, posting some of her fave reactions to the IRL reactions, but eventually, we’ve just got to let her live.

Tomlinson already seems to be on to the next one, fielding “You look like…” comments and being photoshopped onto Buzz Lightyear.


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