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‘Traditional marriage’ group calls for Britney Spears boycott over new LGBTQ perfume

The Facebook group somehow missed she’s been an LGBTQ advocate for a long time.


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An anti-LGBTQ “traditional marriage” group has called for a Britney Spears boycott in response to her continued support of the LGBTQ community.

On Friday, Spears announced a re-release of her classic 2005 perfume Fantasy as “Fantasy: Pride Edition.” The perfume is the same as the original but now comes in a rainbow-adorned box, with a portion of the proceeds going to GLAAD. This announcement came ahead of her performance on Saturday at Brighton Pride for an audience of over 57,000 people.

While many people are happy to see the queen of ’90s pop celebrating queerness on a big stage and raising money for an LGBTQ charity, there are, predictably, some who are deeply offended by her inclusion and acceptance. A Facebook group called “1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage” is apparently among them, as they linked to a Pink News story about the perfume announcement, with the simple message of “BOYCOTT!!!” The group’s about page reads, “We believe that marriage is between a man and woman to the exclusion of any and all other definitions!” The comments on the post about Spears are full of homophobia and transphobia, and many people claiming that Spears is just doing this in an attempt to stay relevant.

However, Spears supporting the LGBTQ community is nothing new. She was featured on the GLAAD charity song for the Pulse nightclub shooting victims and has spoken out against anti-LGBTQ legislation. This April, she was honored for her activism when she was awarded the Vanguard Award at the GLAAD Media Awards. She also has a new perfume coming out which is being advertised for all genders, called Prerogative.

“1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage” was founded in 2012, and despite its namesake, has only managed to garner around 150,000 members in the past six years. In other words, Spears probably doesn’t really have much to worry about.

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