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Beyoncé shared even more incredible photos from her maternity shoot

‘I have three hearts.’


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Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement photo excited her fans, but she’s got even more shots to share in a widespread maternity photoshoot that goes under water.

Many fans woke up to the additional maternity photos on Beyoncé’s website. While the initial photo was compared to something that came out of a J.C. Penney shoot, some of the others go well beyond.

Some of the photos show her appearing to embody the Roman goddess Venus (including the famous painting The Birth of Venus), and the Roman goddess of love is mentioned in a poem posted to her site. A bust of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti is also in the background.

Beyoncé’s photos and video also feature her daughter Blue Ivy. Some of them are older but there are also maternity photos that include the two of them together.

But for fans it was also very much a throwback post as Beyoncé shared photos of the Carter family over the years.

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement on Instagram Wednesday (and subsequent photos) didn’t just break the internet. It also broke a major record.

Guinness World Records confirmed that Beyoncé’s latest post, in which she revealed to the world that she and her husband Jay Z were expecting twins, became the most liked photo on Instagram. She did it in under eight hours, with 6,481,207 likes at 9:45pm ET Wednesday night.

In the hours since, Beyoncé’s photo has amassed more than 1 million additional likes—and that number is likely to grow. As of press time she stands at 7,777,923 likes.

Selena Gomez most recently held the record for most liked Instagram photo with 6,325,555 likes on an ad she posted for Coca Cola in June.

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