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The 10 best Netflix originals of 2017

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Sure, Netflix might be a little too invested in its subscribers’ lives, but it has also dumped a decade of content on us in just one year. It’s a lot to swim through. Sometimes you just need a massive corporation to reach out and ask: Are you OK?

This week on the Upstream podcast, we’re counting down our favorite Netflix original series and movies of the year, with a special guest appearance from a savvy millennial.

Join us in the feedback loop, and here are our 10 favorites of the year.

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Illustration by Jason Reed

1) American Vandal

A pitch-perfect true-crime mockumentary about dicks that asks the hard questions.

2) Mudbound

Dee Rees’ devastating Netflix debut explores family, history, and racism in the South, post-World War II.

3) Okja

A story about capitalism, consumption, and morality. But at its heart, it’s about a girl and her pig.

4) Dear White People

Justin Simien’s serialized adaptation of his 2014 film weaves together stories of identity, allyship, and hypocrisy among a group of college students.


Jenji Kohan builds out another great ensemble cast, this time focusing on women’s wrestling in the ’80s.

6) The Keepers

The doc starts off asking about the death of a nun in 1969. But it pivots to a horrific truth about sexual abuse, and how the Catholic Church silenced victims.

7) Alias Grace

The second Margaret Atwood TV adaptation of 2017 tells the story of a woman accused of murder.

8) Mindhunter

David Fincher’s crime procedural goes inside the heads of serial killers.

9) Gerald’s Game

Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of a Stephen King novella improves on the source material.

10) I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Melanie Lynskey anchors this dark comedy about vengeance and purpose.

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