8 unforgettable ‘Mythbusters’ experiments that will blow you away

After 12 years of big bangs and explosions, the Mythbusters have teased one “final BIG BOOM!” via Twitter.

The longest-running Discovery Channel series will be coming to an end after its 14th season, and apparently, both Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have been meticulously planning for the grandest of finales, the two told Entertainment Weekly in an interview on Wednesday.

Of course no one knows what kind of spectacular blowout Savage and Hyneman have up their sleeves, but there’s no reason to expect it will be any less dazzling than the explosions of years past. 

From the show’s 12-year lifespan, here’s a compilation of some of the Mythbusters‘ most unforgettable moments, with a few fails thrown in there for kicks.

1) It only seems logical to start with the classic Coke and Mentos.

2) When the Mythbusters turned a water heater into a pressurized rocket, the release was so satisfying.

3) #tbt to when Savage and Hyneman brought in Vince Gilligan for their Breaking Bad special.

4) Guns and pizza… Is there anything else to say?

5) Trying not to laugh when Savage attempts to sneeze with his eyes open.

6) Tory Belleci’s pain might make you cringe a little. Or make you burst out laughing like Kari Byron.

7) And of course, what’s Mythbusters without signature explosions?

The Atlantic once had a chance to ask Hyneman about a fan favorite—the cement truck explosion. Put simply, “The cement truck was there, and then it wasn’t there. It was just gone, and that was cool.”

8) Speaking of explosions, here’s a minute-long video packed with about 40 of the Mythbusters’ best blasts to top it all off. 

Screengrab via Discovery/YouTube

Sherry Tucci

Sherry Tucci

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